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Teenage Volunteers wanted for Summer!


A note from Teacher Gail:

I am looking for motivated teens (14 plus) that are keen to volunteer with my Strawberry Vale Preschool Summer Camp program.

2019 Summer Camp

Camps are booked the weeks of July 8 and August 12 Monday to Friday.

Children are aged 3-5 years and there will be maximum 16 children in each camp

Volunteer hours 8:40 – 1:20

Three of the five days of camps are held at different sites ( McMinn Park , Mt. Douglas beach, Swan Lake etc. To be announced.)

Monday and Friday will be held at the Preschool. Volunteers will need to arrange their own transportation to meet us at the designated sites.

If you are interested, please submit a letter to me via email which includes the following:


Student Volunteer Info:



Parent/Guardian Name and contact information



What, if any, is your history or connection to Strawberry Vale Preschool?


Why would you like to volunteer with us? ( what are you hoping to gain from this experience)


What, if any, experience do you have working with children?

Please provide at least 2 character references that are not family members. Must include phone #



If you are offered a volunteer position you will be required by licensing to have a criminal record check done before you can volunteer with us. Because of your age you will need to do this with your parent at the police station. It will be free with our society’s processing code which you will be given once you are approved as a volunteer.** You can not do this on line because you do not have a drivers license. CRC can be a slow process and should be completed ASAP.

There will also be a mandatory volunteer orientation June 26th 1pm at the preschool.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


Gail Atkins,  Early Childhood Educator


Please send applications or inquiries by clicking here.

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