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September was back to school for the 4 year old Ladybugs, and first day of school for the 3 year old Bears class. We were so excited to see how big the sunflowers had grown!

There is no such thing as bad weather and the Strawberry Vale Preschoolers know how to make the best out of everything!   Our Learn Through Play Philosophy is reflected in everything we do. Our kids know that outside play is part of their ...

Teachers Gail and Freya wish you all a safe and happy holiday with your families.

“As the calendar year draws to the end I’d like to draw your attention to the little things… that are truly big things in our preschool world.” From Gail’s Gab   To read the full newsletter, click here.  

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Everything is slowly “falling” into place here at Strawberry Vale Preschool. The children are settling into their routines and starting to build friendships with their classmates.   – From Gail’s Gab.   To ...

Gail’s Gab   Welcome and welcome back! I can’t believe it is already time to start our preschool year! For our new families, I am sure you are feeling a little overwhelmed with the paper work, meetings and all those other “little ...

From our young artists to our dear Early Child Educator:     Our last summer camp was awesome!  

Thank you to our Super Summer Camp Volunteers!  

Results are in from the Strawberry Vale Preschool Simply Science Summer Camp. The Jr. Scientists had a blast and the big guys had a little fun too! Here are some photos from the week.